How To Use Interior Design Magazines For Ideas?

Ok now, let us see what the steps of using interior design magazines as a source of ideas that can be applied in our homes. I will let you know my professional advice what the stages you should follow in order to properly browse, find and choose an idea and how you can use this idea with a particular purpose – to renovate your home, for example.

Interior Design Magazines For Ideas

Choosing a magazine and finding an idea

Step 1: First of all, choose a good interior design magazine, like (which is an online issue) or (which has both – offline and online issues), for example. Both sources are really great with thousands of images, articles, reviews, etc. You can find plenty of information there and use it for your own home!

Step 2: Then you need to know what part of your home, house, apartment, villa or other type of property you want to apply the idea at. This can be the living room, the dining room, the cellar, the hallway, your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, verandas and so on. You can even decide to change your entire home!

Step 3: Browse through the issues mentioned above and find ideas for the place that you have already chosen. Actually, the online versions of the magazines have very easy access to all the categories. I mean, the information is very well arranged in categories.

Step 4: After you find the most perfect idea for your home (you will recognized it when you fall in love with it), you need to contact a professional designer.

Step 5: Finding a professional can be done very easily if you browse some of the famous interior designer directories.

Step 6: When you arrange an appointment with the designer, send him the link to the idea that you have already bookmarked.

Step 7: Meet your professional adviser and discuss the possible price, opportunities and all the details about the application of the idea.

Step 8: Enjoy your new home!

Meeting a professional designer

What should you consider when you go and meet the designer who is going to execute the project? Let me now explain what the two most important things for both sides are:

  1. For you – what will be the price and the deadline of the project; 
  2. For him – what are your expectations and specific requirements?

But let’s go further and explain these mandatory subjects. First of all, you will definitely need to know what the price of the project is. There are designers who are very famous and their work is outstanding. Usually they have a lot of awards, they have won a lot of competitions and they are widely recognized in society. They will give you a very high price, for sure. You can also expect top quality from them.

Then, there are the other types of designers who are either young or unknown or they are not so skillful and stay in the shadows. This type of characters will certainly give a cheaper price and I am not able to predict what the quality would be. The best thing you can do is to understand what kind of person sits in front of you when you meet with him and discuss your ideas. If it is a young and enthusiastic person, don’t bother giving your project to him!

So, to continue with I would like to outline some essential information that your designer will need from you. As I have already written, expectations and requirements are essential. When you list what you require from the designer, he will be able to make a plan how long it will take for him to complete it. Then he will be able to form the price since usually the total price is strictly connected with the amount of time needed. The designer may also ask you about your expectations. For example, do you expect a luxurious interior or you prefer a more casual one. When he gets that kind of information he will be able to predict what will exactly match your criteria and he will be able to surprise you when he completes the house.

The wait

Maybe this is the most difficult part. Because you know that you expect something and you are very eager to know if it is going to look exactly the way you have ordered it. I recommend that you go for a couple of weeks somewhere – maybe on a vacation or something else. And take your family with you – you will need them as well as they would love to spend some time together with you, especially if you are working very hard and have very few time for them. Do it, they will love it! Imagine how wonderful you will feel after you get back from the vacation and all of you enter the newly renovated home. This will be the happy end of a successful story!

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