5 Ways to Maintain a Swimming Pool

If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool, it is also essential that you learn how to maintain it. Swimming pool tends to get a lot of dirt from people, whereby if you swim in, you leave behind bacteria, ammonia and also the body fats. Some of the dirt may come from the animal’s droppings like the birds, leaves from the trees and also the growing algae. Note that any water that is constant tends to grow these substances, and so keeping your swimming pool clean is healthy. Here is five simple ways of swimming pool maintenance you can keep your swimming pool clean.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

1. Skim the Pool Regularly

swimming pool maintenance

Debris and dirt tend to be swept to the swimming pool all the time and therefore to keep the water clean and prevent the debris from sinking, ensure that you skim your pool twice or thrice a week. Once the wreckage and the dirt sink, it is always hard to clear them. Therefore, before they drop to the bottom of the pool, make sure that you empty them. You can clear the debris and the leaves by the use of a hand skimmer or leaf skimmer.

2. Maintain the Right Water Level

maintain pool water level

It is essential that you ensure your swimming pool water is at the correct level. You can easily achieve this by using swimming pool filler. Note that water can quickly dry up during the summer seasons or increase during the rainy season and so the filler helps you or guides you in either adding or reducing water in your swimming pool. Note that there are automatic pool fillers which are easy to work with for those who are not experienced in using the device. So get your self an affordable swimming pool filler to help you keep the level of your water.

3. Vacuum Your Pool

Vacuum your pool

It is advisable that before you add more chemicals to your swimming pool, you clean the floor of the pool to reduce the chemicals that may have stuck or sunk to the ground. This is done with the use of a pool vacuum. You can either opt for a manual or automatic pool vacuum since they serve the same purpose. For the manual vacuum work with it similar to the way, you clean your floor or the carpet. Also, scrub the sides of the pool to clear any algae that may be forming on the sides without forgetting to clean up the filter as well. You can repeat this process once a week.

4. Have your Pool Heater Serviced

Regular service on pool

Apart from the cleaning services that you can do on your one, it is recommended that you get a technician to check your pool. The services can be done on the heating parts to ensure that they are still in good condition. Sometimes the chemicals used in the pool water may clog the heating devices hence preventing it from heating the water, and in such a case, it is advisable that you consult a technician to either unclog it or check if there are other maintenance required to be done on the device. Check the user manual book to see when the pool heater needs maintenance.

5. Check and Maintain the PH Level

Measure pH level regularly

Knowing the ph level of your pool water is safe for you and you can know how much chemical to add to the water. There are different pool ph measuring apparatus in the market to choose from, and they help you know the alkaline and the acid in water to avoid exceeding or adding less amount. The appropriate PH level should read between 7.2 to 7.6.


If you are want to construct a swimming pool at your home, follow the above swimming pool maintenance tips to guide you in knowing how to keep the water and the pool clean and this in return will help your pool last for long.

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