Funky Small Bathroom Ideas

With a website that’s dedicated to the subject of bathroom design, there may be a tendency for us to focus on the luxurious and the extravagant. Bathrooms of that type are certainly eye-catching, but they are by no means the norm.

Most of us are more likely to return home to bathrooms that are somewhat more compact. We believe, however, that the key design elements can be implemented in rooms of all sizes. When you’re looking to create a stunning, contemporary look, there really are no limits.

But there are a few modifications that you may need to make. Depending on the size that’s available to you, there may not be the amount of space that you would need for a large bath. It’s really a question of thinking creatively, however, to make the most of the space that you do have available.

Create a Real Feature

It might be more accurate to say that it makes sense to create a set of features. Ideally, you want to have something that catches the eye, rather than simply leaving you to concentrate on the small size of the room.

In older homes, you could make use of exposed beams, or wooden floors, to create a look that is suitable and also exceptional. Whatever the age of the property, lighting can be used in a manner that will allow particular items and corners of the room to be highlighted.

The Use of Mirrors

It is accepted wisdom that mirrors can be used to make a room appear considerably larger than it really is. This is something that can be particularly helpful in the case of a bathroom.

In general terms, bathrooms can be seen as settings where mirrors serve a practical purpose. From shaving to brushing your teeth, you’ll generally want to see what’s going on. That also gives the perfect excuse to make plenty of use of mirrors within any bathroom.

Think about full-length mirrors, which can be wall-mounted, as well as cabinets that include integrated reflective surfaces. Polished chrome and other metallic surfaces can also be used creatively, to increase the feeling that a space is more spacious than it really is.

Natural Light

Having mentioned the use of electric lighting above, it’s also important to note that natural light has a key role to play. If your existing bathroom does not actually have a natural source of light, then this is something that you may be able to change. Small windows, or skylights, may be added in a cost-effective manner.

Make It Cosy

Although there is plenty of discussion above about how to make a real appear larger than it really is, there’s always the alternative option of embracing the space that you have available to you. By opting to make the room feel cosy, you can turn a seeming disadvantage into a real positive.

One more thing, a stylist  handheld shower head can be a good choice for your small bathroom.

This can be achieved using a variety of methods, including incorporating candles and individual decorations within the room.


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