How to Choose the Right Pressure Washer Tips

It is needless to describe the importance of choosing the right pressure washer tips to get things washed the way you want. No matter whether you intend to do your washing and cleaning jobs yourself or a professional, you cannot expect to get the job perfectly done without the right sized pressure washer tips, isn’t? Depending on the array of your work, you will be in need of different spray power. Therefore, you will need different tips or nozzles in order to get the exact spray power to perform a particular cleaning task. Here is how to pick the right one according to your requirement. Let’s get started in the following.

pressure washer tips


How to Choose the Right Pressure Washer Tips?

Before you proceed to buy the pressure washer nozzle you need to get the job done, a few things out there that you need to know. You can treat these as considerations either way. You can expect to get the right one out of all different types and get the best result while cleaning.

Before we go deep into our discussion, let us know the types of pressure washer tips first and then step forward.

Type of Nozzles / Tips

As mentioned earlier, there are several types of pressure washer nozzles or tips to serve for different purposes. All these types of nozzles provide the user with a different phase of cleaning power so that he/she can get the wash up to the expectation.

  • Quick Connect Nozzles
  • Brass Soap Nozzles
  • Rotary Nozzles
  • Sewer Nozzles
  • Foam Nozzles
  • Duct Cleaning Nozzles
  • Steam Nozzles
  • Rotary Turbo Nozzles, and much more to name

Now, let us see what the things are that you need to keep in mind while choosing the right pressure washer nozzle or tip.

Power Level

First of all, you need to consider the power level of the nozzle that you will be in need to perform the job properly. If you fail to choose the right one based on the task you will be doing, you are gonna either waste your time or mess up things due to excessive pressure. Power Level of a pressure washer tip is the most crucial thing. If you have the more powered one than your need, you are more likely to damage the things. Again, it will take more time to clean when you have the less powered one than required.


Who says “Size Does Not Matter?” Size really matters when you are going to buy a pressure washer nozzle. To be very practical, there are chances to kiss the ground if you have chosen the wrong sized one. Yes, you can severely damage the pressure washer if you have the wrong nozzle. If the size of the tip you select becomes too small, it will surely send back the water to the washer pump, which damages the washer.

Again, if you have the one which is too large, it is going to kill the performance as well as reduce the ability of the pressure washer. So, make sure you are going to the right sized one before you seal the deal.

Spray Angle

Along with the size and pressure, Spray Angle is another most important thing that you need to keep in mind. Nozzle manufacturers also made it easier for people to find out their desired nozzle according to spray angle by a color code. The spray angle of various types of washer nozzle ranges from 0 degrees to 40 degrees to meet your requirement. Here is a chart to make your selection even easier.

pressure washer nozzle chart

Pressure Washer Nozzle Chart

pressure washer tip chart

By the time you reach this section, we hope you have already developed a pretty cool idea on pressure washer tips or nozzles. Now it is your turn to go for the most suitable one for your job. You can visit for more information related to Pressure Washer machine as well as Pressure Washer Tips/Tricks.

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